Saturday, September 7, 2013

Christopher Kenneth Hanson- Two Poems

"Sounds Like Lust"

I or now we,
stave off eager villains
Though, I done sullied this
poignant phrase-
In acquisition
of my only cogent line
which goes
And then she sighs
As it goes Barump-babump
Quoth I,
sordid line as vexed here
As I done spoke 'fore
As the rest is well known.

"The Importance In Being Demure"

Nigh the harbor,
Only a call from a comely corpse
to exact or defend a cry from
this apt heavenly garden-
flummox, dear flummox
As statue in repose
crass, shaken:
As blithe, the stately summons-
I swear, to be exacting
And sincere as can be,
I apologize only
when, further- I am
not dear or simply cogent.

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