Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Linda M. Crate- A Poem


oh, it aches in me, this river
of love flowing through me
singing constant psalms of only
your name; how is it that you
can so easily forget me
when i remember everything of
you etched into the stars of my soul?
how you once told me my eyes
were anything but boring
as they were the color of coffee
the way you said my name,
of how we held hands,
our medieval banter,
the first time we made love;
painting the kitchen wall together,
chucking wood into the
basement, tearing down trees and
roots from the property your
grandfather gave
to you

yet you've forgotten my giggle fits,
my smiles, tokens of appreciation
and love tucked into the
corners of your room;
and i can't stop loving you even in
knowing you love her.

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