Sunday, September 15, 2013

J.J. Campbell- Two Poems

save yourself

a little after midnight
and the coyotes are

i look out the window
and the cat that stays
up by the house is on
the step scratching at
the back door

i go to the door and
lock it

every living thing has
to learn at some point
that it is best to simply
save yourself

the reliance on others
is a crutch that only 
leads to

play it cool

whispers in a crowded

i notice the ring on her
finger but recall the wise
words of a guy i used to
work with

always remember, if you're
single and she's not, she's
the one with something
to lose

i play it cool

try not to push my

laugh at her jokes
and make sure my hands
only wander to where she
wants them to

but when she nibbled on
my ear i figured she wasn't
exactly worried about her
husband at that point

i was gone before the sun
came up

a few hours before the
husband should be back

she should still be asleep

J.J. Campbell (1976 - soon) lives and writes on a farm in Brookville, Ohio. He's been widely published over the years, most recently at BoySlut, The Camel Saloon, Pyrokinection, Regardless Of Authority, and Zygote in My Coffee. His first full lnegth book of poems, Sofisticated White Trash, was published earlier this year by Interior Noise Press. You can find J.J. most days bitching about something on his blog, evil delights (

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  1. Brilliant work as usual. J.J deserves wider recognition.