Saturday, September 28, 2013

Michael Cluff- A Poem

Lorraine Townshend

It was a hard find
took a lot of my energy, know how
and  time
worth it?

that is only for me
to say.

They were not of my generation
but ten years before
yet still worth the swooning
none and nevertheless.

Those four
were better than good
than God
I quickly found out
seeing them one early February
Sunday night;
in fact,
they were quite
in my
and many minds.

Now to again have
their 45
back in my hands,
after nearly two and a half decades ,
my  solid stainless steel safe
is worth all the years
of grovelling
as a garbage collector
in a high crime area

so having it back
on a vinyl, no less, disc
with clay red and yellow swirl-
embossed label
is utopia, nirvana,
kismet, salaams, salmagundi

And  now
with gusto and sincerity

I feel fine.

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