Monday, September 23, 2013

Dawnell Harrison- Three Poems

Tidal blood

The tidal blood
in my veins ignites
a fire in my mind.
Do we need another
soul to cling to and if so,
can they intersect
into a white bliss
or will they forever clash
wills like the swords
of titans...

Blue moon

The wind fluttered above
a warm blue moon
up over the ocean.
The roar of the sea
draws me in like a poultice
sucking the anger from a boil.
The bulbous thick moon
spills blossoms of light
onto trembling waters.

Fallen away

What was soft inside me
has fallen away -
broken off like an icicle
from my back doorstep eaves.
My heart lies within
but bleeds without.
The whispering of the stars
love the sky while
the silky moon tempers
white bursts of light.

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