Thursday, September 26, 2013

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

that's life

tearing you down
won't help
reconstruct myself
it took me a while to
realize that;
i apologize i never was the
kind of person that could
just let go
i'm not a tree i don't thoughtlessly
drop leaves -
can't help but wish things were
back to the way i remember
you were always
teasing me about paying me back
in spades,
can i have the spades now?
i suppose i've been
arrogant in my own way
when insisting
that you were a jerk even if you
were i didn't need to rub
it in your face;
guess life just keeps moving on without me
wish i could catch my breath
keep in step,
i miss you -
yes, i know you love her, but i really
wish you could at least be my
all these silences hanging in the air
cut me with memories
rain always remembers me your smiling face
crazy dances in the down pour,
a rain soaked kiss before
you left for work
if you cannot let me love you
at least let me be your friend?
i've only ever wanted
your happiness,
and though i wish it could be me to make you smile
i'm glad you're happy
just wish i weren't so miserable.

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