Monday, June 6, 2016

Jonathan Beale- Two Poems

The railway leads us there

There is always the question
Just hanging there, the confused
participle. The vast question mark. 
Always over hanging.
Drawing the blind and foolish along
those steely parallels.
Unable to dance unable to touch.

The mountains silhouette
Carved across the red and orange
The minutiae of the monstrous
And the delicacy of the light, 
Night and day and day and night.
There is always the question, still.
The railway still leads us there.

Sense and Reference

Why do marlin travel from east to west against the current and where do they go after they reach Cape San Antonio at the western end of Cuba? Is there a counter current hundreds of fathoms below the surface and do they return working against them?  Or do they make a circle through the Caribbean.

Earnest Hemingway from an article for Esquire 1934

There are accidents of place and people
Like points are – places

Where all four dimensions’ meet
Cities are all connected

Absolutely connected geometric accidents
Of green are constantly on the move

The accidents of finding their place
Hesperus is: as is phosphorus.   

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