Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gene McCormick- Poem & Art

Venetian Blinds

Flimsy metal Venetian blind strips
can be grabbed and pulled down,
or apart, to see outside without using
the drawstring to properly open the blinds,
rash action not possible when they are                 
made of sturdy wooden slats.

Oak-stained wooden slats added panache
to Frank Capra’s luxury cottage suite
in Napa Valley where the writer-producer-director,
an Academy Award-winner when
many movies were black and white,
locked himself in seclusion to finish
the script for It’s A Wonderful Life.

Late afternoon California sun through
the open-slatted Venetian blinds in the
resort cottage creates a noir pattern
of black and white strips along the floor,
bending up the side wall
in the nook area at the rear
of the resort cottage.
Not a grid; parallel lines.

A person could spend hours opening
and closing the Venetian blinds
just to hear them clack.

Sturdy well-engineered and designed 
oak-stained Venetian blinds are made
of the finest materials and such repeated
use won’t damage them.

It’s A Wonderful Life was nominated for
five Academy Awards. It won one.

Brief Bio: Gene McCormick likes to look through
other people’s Venetian blinds.