Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jennifer Lagier- A Poem

Blindfolded & Up Against the Wall

Outrage over irrational incivility
fails to derail or immobilize
mobs of mindless undead.
The Donald is invulnerable.
His take-no-prisoners campaign
cannot be modulated or killed.

He is immune to garlic,
a crucifix, silver bullets.
Repels statistics, revelations,
common sense.
Can’t be quarantined,
euthanized, sent back to hell.
Bounces back stronger
from every attack.

Bully king
of the raving rabble,
he’s our anti-christ
front-runner in this year’s
Presidential zombie apocalypse.

Jennifer Lagier is a snake charmer who lives a quiet life by the ocean with myriad fantasies and three spoiled dogs.

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