Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DB Cox- A Poem

colored confusion

tangled dance
through sliding
subway doors
train full
of hanging heads
brain-dead riders
hiding faces
from naked reflections
in little glass windows
straining to justify
another pointless ride

bouncing prayers
off heaven’s door
for dead bodies
strewn across the killing floor
by one more
paradise-backed maniac
serving up the fine smell
of dread

the american story
still cycling
crazily backward
light--where dark should be
dark--where light should be
too many people
crying here
too many people
dying here
has been said & unsaid
done & undone
by everyone
important & unimportant

is there anyone
who can brake
this runaway train
is there anyone
who can drop the curtain
on this pollock-piss canvas
of colored confusion

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