Saturday, June 25, 2016

Steven Storrie- A Poem


I didn’t think you’d heard me
I didn’t think you would do that
Don’t you feel we sometimes
Think more of people
Than maybe we probably should?

The small red digits
On the alarm clock say 3am
But I know that can’t be true
If it was you would be lying here
Next to me
Or I’d be in some seedy downtown bar
Wondering if I’d dreamed you up inside my room
And I wouldn’t be having to write this stuff

BIO;  Steven Storrie has worked as a cable T.V repair man, dishwasher, choreographer, ice cream vendor and junk yard attendant. Tired of this he is currently locked in his basement working on his first full collection of poetry, bickering with his neighbours over nothing and storing the baseballs he keeps when they are hit into his yard. His first collection of short stories, We Are Not The Kids We Used To Be, will be released in November by DevilHouse Press. You can find him at the website he runs, 'Black Coffee For Breakfast', at

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