Thursday, June 23, 2016

Douglas Polk- Two Poems


The truth made,
the same as reality,
by the rich,
and the powerful,
words changed,
or ignored,
if perceptions endangered,
citizens unable to think for themselves,
lazy ignorant minds,
wait to be told,
what to believe,
what to think,
what is real,
what is true,
truth made,
reality actually,
only a matter of faith.

Sit In

Democrats sit in the well of the house,
a protest,
like a food fight in a junior high lunch room,
bills whether passed or not,
will make no difference,
people will still die,
they will just die in captivity,
captive to the majority will,
a mob,
of mindless idiots,
thinking poll numbers make their arguments right,
the truth,
too sophisticated for them to understand.

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