Saturday, June 4, 2016

DB Cox- A Poem

--- for Ali, "The Greatest"

even as a kid
i knew fighting
rage always ready
like a rock in my pocket
half-clad gladiator
caught inside
an impromptu
circle of laughter
glaring at my opponent
calculating the sum
gathered in his eyes
deaf to any sounds
that might distract
from the task at hand
reptilian brain
devising tactics
of pain
a need to move
forward & back
at the same time
for that first fist
to arc toward the face
world reduced
to a primal point
strange lessons
more real
than golden rules
that cannot hold--
while some kids
filled hollow characters
in dime-store
coloring books
we painted each other
by the numbers

1 comment:

  1. A very sad day. I especially remember the first fight against Sonny Liston. He waa still Cassius Clay. I won two dollars on that fight. I was still in high school. Long time ago.