Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunil Sharma- A Poem


It beckons
Across the harbour
the choppy seas
the badly-manned borders.

Lesbos calls like a mother
the ones fleeing their countries
and the daily blood bath.

We are already dead here!
Life is out there!

We court death anyway
in the country of our own
on the waves or the borders.

We are inter-linked,
death and us---
but never give up.

Lesbos invites!
It lives within us
the island exotic---
that vernal promise of equality and democratic principles
exerting a strange pull over us
refugees everywhere.
Euphoric terror!
Sunil Sharma
Principal, Bharat College, Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India
Writer | Critic | Editor | Freelance Journalist | Reviewer | Literary Interviewer
Twitter: @drsunilsharma
Skype: sunils2015
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