Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nate Maye- Three Poems


You are a 
kingdom and so
I am I, walking
Kingdoms, invading
one another, trying
to find a gap
in the wall, to be 
ruler of the realm.


I found you leaning
on the wall,
unable to stand, you
found me leaning
on my old instabilities,
the fiction
of who I thought
I should be, you
said don't focus on
should, stand up
straight, on your own.


I learned to wear
a mask and save
a world, I learned
to save for myself
my true identity
and hide my selfish
purposes deep.


  1. An identity of unstructured questioned life searching
    poems for a cool suspicious unrestrained boundaries of language.

  2. Leaning was thought provoking to me. The ending
    "stand up straight, on your own." I'll take your advice.