Friday, April 15, 2016

Cathy Porter- A Poem


Not the smartest move,
getting into a car with some guy you don’t know –
but when he looks like a hot guitar solo
and drives a ’65 Mustang, you take your chances.

Months later, when I read the headlines,
I realized how lucky I was. But hell,
we had fun that day -- and I’m not even sure
it was him. My grandma said it probably wasn’t,
so I let it go. She was a cool lady –
ran off with a good-looking
guy she met at a barn dance; got married
three days later. “Didn’t know much about
each other-that’s what kept us together.”
Told me to be careful and not fall
for the first guy who turns my brain to mud.
“Give him at least three days to stick to your shoes.”
Not sure what she meant, but Grandma
never liked guns.

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