Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sunil Sharma- A Poem

Cultural transmutation: Will Shakespeare---400

There comes a time when you become
A Lear
in your life
sometimes one by one
sometimes all rolled into one
and, sometimes, in piecemeal.

You are, that moment, a Will Shakespeare
Will becoming you
the creator, created and the recipient---isomers of artistic universe.

You inhabit a temporal paradox
a dualism of
making and unmaking of moments
real and lapsed collapsing in the same moment
Simultaneously posited in 1564-1616 and 2016
Flitting between an English Court and postmodern Mumbai/Madrid.

How time is caught, preserved, anesthetized---and revived!
In your current finger tips you hold bits of brittle time
faded lost buried in a tomb or tome in a library
an era gone forever but retrieved and re-incarnated
between a text and your eyes!

Will Shakespeare defies time
an encyclopedia is shown in his lines and songs
the full nature of human beings revealed on/off the stage
folios and films.

In dear William Shakespeare, each finds a bit of themselves
neatly labeled, documented and analyzed

Being- Becoming
A Hamlet
and other dramatic personae
at varied times by donning their robes and lines.

sediments of ages…lie inside the plays and sonnets
for us to find.

There, yet not there, yet there-not here
here-there, there-here, living two realms of space-time
turning into
a fool
a grave digger
a babbling Lear finding clarity and sanity
in moments of insanity!

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  1. 400 year anniversary and we do yet know who Will was
    or who wrote all his works with all inventive analysis.