Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


Alexander Kerensky,
Obama's patron saint,
also believed in hope and change,
creating a revolution,
which he could not control,
unable to foresee the future,
the bolsheviks attacked,
his patron's philosophical child,
ignorant of the future,
never understanding,
the demons he unleashed,
the revolution never truly his own,
will be grabbed by surer hands,
leaders willing to lead,
and kill,
and destroy the world,
that was Obama's dream.


a soul,
sex less,
neither female,
nor male,
nor is it,
black or white,
a soul is of the universe,
a spark of energy,
a spark of life,
yet familiar to the very core,
the brain only body,
the soul,
so much more.


this moment more important than history,
we are alive,
thus we know best,
how life should be,
tradition and precedent,
now to be ignored,
no longer to guide,
or direct,
masturbate the ego,
this the most important thing,
change history,
take down flags,
dig up the graves,
besmirch the dead,
we no longer own only the present,
but have possession of both the future,
and the past,
willing to bankrupt our grandkids,
while simultaneously spitting on our ancestors' graves,
America the ignorant,
America the arrogant,
but not any longer,
the land of the brave.

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