Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jennifer Lagier- A Poem

Better Than Immortality

“Just when you think Donald Trump’s opinions about women and their rights had reached rock  bottom, he managed to quarry even further into some ring of hell that, until previously, only existed in Dante’s Inferno.” – Stassa Edwards, The Slot

The Donald declares
he is pro-life,
pronounces abortions
should be banned and
women who have them
must be shamed,
individually punished.

It’s time for the righteous
to return knocked-up broads
to those back alley places
where they used to go
before a bunch of liberal judges
with no respect for the unborn
gave these sluts a choice,
allowed them to terminate
the fruit of their sins.

He doesn’t believe in exceptions
for rape or incest.
Let them reap what they sow.
No consequences for men;
it’s not their issue.

Jennifer Lagier is an over-the-hill hippie with an aversion to misogyny and an affinity for bad-influence snakes.


  1. Who is this Miss Gyny and why is she upside down?


  2. Cause the person with the ties prefers her that way?