Saturday, April 23, 2016

Adam Levon Brown- Two Poems

Adam Levon Brown is a poet, student, and activist residing in Eugene, Oregon. He enjoys the outdoors, playing with cats, and meeting new people. He can be contacted via his website at , where he offers free poetry resources.

Dawn of Black Gives Birth to Light

The pulse quickens
as I slither past your

You have let
me into your
innermost workings

Darkness overcomes
your silent kiss
in the dawn

tongue lashes
your pale white

As I set to sink
my teeth into
your apple
of truth

What once was day
shades into jet black
as neurons whiplash
against tanned leather

You take your first
breath as synapses
form together creating

I have given our dust
a form and I shall call it
by one name;


Serpentine Soliloquy

I am a priest of the
rebellious snake

The redeemer of darkness
in the facade of light

The macabre remains
of a society once golden

Renaissance will be brought
with the flight of the Phoenix

As it burns its wings on
the torch of truth

What has started cannot
be stopped

What is done cannot be undone

For life, for glory, and above all...

For Episteme


  1. Adam alters our trenchant consciousness that emerge from
    his fresh approach of his ruminative lively language.

  2. Plato would approve. Your consciousness moves
    past the speed of light.

  3. Captivating, slithering and cutting... I luvvit!