Saturday, April 16, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Parable

a wolf in sheep's clothing,
among the flock,
and attacks,
to injure,
and weaken,
hoping to change a party,
into a cult,
more savior,
than man,
his motives pure,
he will return this nation,
to greatness again.

no food to eat,
there are no beds,
on which to sleep,
homework done by the glovebox light,
facts hidden away,
because he wants so badly to belong,
a student in poverty.
A Grave New World

dog's eyes,
wanting only to please,
ads flicker,
on the television screen,
hoping to sell shit,
or make the customer believe,
cell phones,
cancer spreading technology,
microwaving our brains,
health insurance available,
though health care in decline,
people medicate themselves,
with whiskey and beer,
and heroin,
the chic new choice,
immigrants roam the shadows,
while citizens attempt to remove the targets from their backs,
the government employing spies,
on every street,
wanting to know,
what we think,
and what we eat,
abortions encouraged,
among the darker races,
the world crowded,
very few,
the open spaces,
except for the flyover states,
full of dull,
ignorant people,
too dense to understand,
what they are missing,
dog's eyes,
wanting to please.

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