Saturday, April 23, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

a fool's fool 
i may only be star dust to you, but i burn like my star brothers and mothers and sisters and fathers before me. i refuse to let this passion inside of me die. you see the world only from the views of logic—i was blessed with both logic and creativity. everything is black and white to you, but i can see in-between a thousand shades of grey. not everything is as it seems, but you always take things at face value, not bothering to dig deeper into the reasons. you know only facts but have no knowledge. fancy yourself rather clever but for you, darling, that'd be a difficult endeavor. 

yes, you're mean 
"have i ever been mean to you?" do you really want me to answer that question? you went on to say that you were crass and insensitive and tactless. but you were never mean. i suppose our definitions are different. for all your pretty vocabulary and perceived knowledge you really are an idiot. yes, you've been mean more than once; and you've made me cry. i held my tears until you were out of my sight because i didn't want you to have the satisfaction of getting to me, but it's foolish to hold onto pride so hard that it would destroy me. yes, you've been mean to me; but it's okay i return the favor in my poetry and prose.

emotionally clumsy 
i think i cared for you once. glad that infatuation blew over quickly. for you are tactless and rude tripping over your social awkwardness insisting that your facts are the only things that matter. that emotions are useless. that we're all made of atoms so we're all nothing, but i refuse to believe that. we were put on this earth for a reason, and just because you have no purpose doesn't mean that we're all the same. i've found something that looks good on you: silence. because when you don't interrupt anyone with your thoughts there is such peace to be had. you really do need to work on your people's skills because while i may be socially awkward at least i have tact and the sense to keep things to myself when they're too rude to be said. 

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  1. A good performance of free spirited imperative language
    yet with a consideration randomness and nostalgia in life.