Friday, April 15, 2016

Ananya S. Guha- A Poem

Still Breathing

I  walked down the alley
the road pebbled spoke
'' you have been walking
down this lane for fifty years
what change do you notice?''
I paused, took deep breaths
walked on. The pebbles followed
'' change, do you see change,
are we the same ones, or have
we been replaced?''
I looked at the skies and said:
'' It is going to rain. After an earthquake
there is rain''. Pebbles and roads don't change.
They live like animals. We change. We fear.
And, if lucky we die. If not we live, and destroy
skies and the hills. And then I went home
took time out, washed, bathed, thought of
the encounters I had with the stones, the trees
and the hills. And when night comes they in nocturnal
slumber will debate how they have been hacked and hewed.
By stone cutters.
Still breathing.

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