Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

The Marrow
I will take this
to the core
of the marrow
where chaos is married
to an emerging order
so we may find
the structure
to satisfy desires
of both flesh and soul
in this strange world
where suffering
somehow leads to joy
and all the pain
tests the limit
until pleasure is reached

I will fade out
in the night
like a sun
that no longer burns
but folds up shop
in disintegration
toward entropy
and dissolution
in this dying cosmos
where each breath
is a blessing
and each kiss
is a lesson
unto the grave

A Mouth Full of Ashes
I never thought of myself as being Jesus
but I certainly never thought
of myself as being Judas either

Until the kiss of death
was placed upon the lips
and the bag of silver
was placed inside my hand

Then I came to realize
that I am the traitor
I am the liar
I am the sell out
I am the fire in the heart of darkness
and now I don’t know how
to put these flames to rest

I don’t know how
to absolve the sin of my betrayal

I don’t know how
to fix what I have done

Forgive me, Lord, for I am human
and I have fallen

Scott Thomas Outlar chases chaos to the ends of the earth, then doubles back, takes a breather, and starts the whole game over again. Links to his poetry, fiction and essays can be found on his blog 17numa.wordpress.com.

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