Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Christopher Hivner- Three Poems

I put my fingers
in between the still
fan blades
and wonder about
their power.
I could depress 
the on/off button
and find out quickly
or stare at the edges
and imagine.
I put my fingers
on her back,
tracing the shoulder blade
and wonder
how far I can go?
I could tempt
her on/off button
to see if she purrs
or scratches
but instead I
pull away.
My thumb against 
the serrated teeth
of the knife
draws chills to my skin.
I could press
and wait for the blood
or caress the metal
and live in the
what may come.
Some days I get to choose
between the blade
and the open spaces,
other days
the blade finds me
no matter 
where I hide.
Heart Beat
this night
like so many others
feels lost
I tried to give myself away
lost in the fable
of obedience
no sale
this night
feels the same
heart beat
empty space
heart beat
staring into the light
heart beat
like so many others
Some were smiling
in the picture,
a few looked tired,
five former friends
at a party,
none knowing the others
would be there,
a forced congregation
at the
‘everybody smile’ altar.
Behind them,
reached for the ceiling,
searching for escape
from the room
with no oxygen.

bio: Christopher Hivner writes from a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by books and the echoes of music. He has recently been published in Eye on Life Magazine and Black Mirror Magazine. A chapbook of poems, “The Silence Brushes My Cheek Like Glass” was published by Scars Publications and another, “Adrift on a Cosmic Sea”, was published by Kind of a Hurricane Press.


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