Thursday, June 25, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- Three Poems

Detox Avenue
21 days since the final sip of alcohol kissed these lips
21 days since the last goodbye to the first girl I’ve cared about in ages
21 days of cigarettes and poetry
21 days of long meditative walks…and poetry
21 days of the internet and social media
21 days of mindful breathing and reconnecting with God
21 days of alternating between putting healthy food and junk into this body
21 nights spent staring at the stars and being thankful to still be alive
21 positive affirmations put in the place of
21 negative thoughts about the past

The closer a flying object
zips by in the sky
the quicker it’ll seem to travel

I saw a flaming comet
speed by from the outer reaches
right in front of my eyes

Imagine my surprise, nay, shock
at such a sight
as the stars fell

Last Laugh
I once held a hand full of sand
but I squeezed too tightly
and that is when it all slipped away

I once had riches in this world
but they never amused me enough
and now I laugh last wearing rags

I once bled my hands on the wall
but the red stain washed off
and now I just spit on the ground

I once loved with a passion
but then I grew cold for a season
and when I woke up she was gone

Scott Thomas Outlar spends the hours flowing and fluxing with the ever changing tide of the Tao River while laughing at life's existential quandaries. But mostly he just writes. Links to his published material can be found at

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