Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Richard Schnap- Three Poems


I have known women
As beautiful as roses
Punctured by their own thorns

As if one day they looked
Into their mirrors and saw
Something ugly looking back

And they seek the advice
Of priests and psychiatrists
But receive the same answer

To believe in a faith
That speaks in a language
No one ever taught them

And as they grow older
They slowly disappear
In the arms of their shadows

As they wander the streets
Waiting for the wind
That will blow them away


“There’s someone watching
Over us,” she said
“that’s not true
For everyone.”

And for a long time
I pondered her words
Until one day I saw
Their meaning

Two people on the street
A man in a suit
And a woman in
A thrift store coat

Where one bowed beneath
Some invisible weight
While the other sang
Softly to herself


He stood before
The assembled crowd
Refusing to use
The microphone

And spoke his poems
In a quiet voice
As if he was
Talking to himself

And though he seemed
To have been touched
By a wisdom that
Was all his own

I tried to listen
And understand
But couldn’t hear
A word he said

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