Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lilly Jean Bautista- Three Poems

Roller Coaster
At the age of 16, or perhaps even 25,
Nobody is worth suffering for.
Move on and leave those
Who left you
Get lost
And find yourself.
Only you are in control
Of the speed
And direction your
Roller coaster travels.
Whether it goes
Fast or slow,
Up or Down,
Loop de loop,
You decide.

They fire words at each other,
Resembling the bullets shot in combat
And the injuries of each pellet.
I yell for them to cease their fire
But the sound of gunshots
Overpower the sound
Of what's left of my lone voice
And my bare emotions.
I cry.
I scream.
I beg.
When will you put the gun down?
When will you stop fighting?

Masquerade Run[a]way

In public, she puts on the best mask she can find in her drawer.
Frowning, crying, laughing; she chooses the one smiling.
She glides across the red carpet and everyone sees she is happy.
But they are blind to the dark sadness behind her bright smiles,
The loneliness behind her kindness,
The damage she wears
Behind the mask,
Staging a lifetime masquerade.
And one day, she runs away.
But nobody notices;
Nobody stops her.
Who would
Want to stop
One’s smile?
She runs,
Forgetting to remove her mask,
People still see she is happy.
She runs,
Leaving a trail
Of tears
And people still see tears of joy
For she is happy.
But one day, she’ll have enough.
And she’ll be gone
With her mask still on.

Bio: Lilly Jean Bautista lives on an island called Saipan, which is barely even a dot on the map but she dreams of exploring the world one day, jumping from one dot to another. Lilly Jean constantly writes from a stream of consciousness. And she also sucks at writing bios.

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