Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Richard Schnap- Two Poems


These familiar streets
Remember me
Carrying a pizza

Home to the girl
Waiting for me
In a white nightgown

Whose bed we shared
For a brief time
Before she found

A new shadow
And our chapter ended
As I walked away

And never looked back
Wondering where
These streets would lead

As I felt the wind
Turn the page
Revealing the next face


Some are made
Of china
To be easily shattered

While some are made
Of steel
To be virtually unbreakable

And some are made
Of dust
To be scattered by the wind

While some are made
Of glass
To be invisible to the eye

And some are made
Of paper
To be home to a timeless story

While some are made
Of ink
To be the one that writes it

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