Sunday, June 28, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

The Revolution Begun

nature in revolt,
the days numbered,
ark builders search for wood,
the rainbow,
the sign of the covenant,
was the small print ever read?
the earth infected,
and the disease professes to be the cure,
people eager to believe,
find me a white coat,
and glasses,
I will hypothesize with the best of them,
science is any one's bitch,
as long as you play with the numbers,
and squeeze some tits,
science never right or wrong,
though mistakes made daily,
but only progress,
akin to climbing stairs,
building higher and higher,
a bridge to fucking nowhere,
though it doesn't matter,
the revolution begun.


ignorance confessed,
education not to teach,
but to manipulate,
create citizens unable to think,
products of the assembly line,
available in every color,
every description,
and any design,
all programmed the very same way,
unable to think,
but with an equality even Bernie Sanders can be proud of.

Prayers Said

in the name of Ginsberg, Kagan and Kennedy,
forgive me judges,
for I have sinned,
believing in a God far above thee,
I know now you are supreme,
save me,
but only if everyone else can be saved,
blessed equality,
laws and life,
be decided by you,
the constitution,
the same as the bible,
fairy tales,
from another time,
and another place,
the federal government the god of today,
legislature, executive and judiciary,
the new trinity,
pray dear judges for the souls throughout history,
ignorant of your benevolence,
government bless you,
saviors of the world,
or at least of the state.

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