Saturday, June 6, 2015

J.J. Campbell- Three Poems

the other side of happiness

i saw a picture of
my father with his
obituary in the paper

that's the first time
i've seen him in
20 years

after going to the
funeral and putting
together some puzzle

i guess my father
told everyone what
he wanted them to
know about myself,
my sister and my

there's two fucking
decades and so many
questions that are
now gone forever

but i suppose it should
be monkey see monkey

i should just pack up,
move away and start
a new life

with no guilt, no

no worries that my
past will haunt me
until the day i die

i guess i now know
what it's like on the
other side of happiness
never the leading man

blissful thoughts
in the throes of yet
another miserable

the sweat on your

the tears of your
dead father's sins

you have learned
over the years that
women run from

they only "change"
a man on television
or in the movies

you look in the
mirror and see a
character actor,
never the leading

the money is good

but it doesn't buy
the same things that
fame does

trying to remember
the bliss again

stuffed animals using
weapons in a texas
biker shootout

there's a smile
the better of both of us

whispers in the

two broken souls
trying to find a
few seconds to 

pride, time, a
second chance

where did the
love go

where did time
get the better of
both of us

was it dangling
off a silver bridge
cheating death
one too many

i'd give a kidney
to sleep in your
arms tonight

you look me in
the eyes

yes, i know

you prefer cash

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