Monday, June 15, 2015

Coreen Jermaine Ramon- A Poem


When had uncertainty ever stopped anyone?
When had it stop someone from achieving greatness?
Many times perhaps...
But the same thing is true about the opposite.
I am not saying that I am a Joan of Arc
Simply just, that I am resilient.
That I have the gonads,
The nuts to attempt greatness.
And attempt I shall!
Of You
Last night I dreamt of you
This is something very new
Though I've been thinking about "us" for a while
So it did not surprise me when I saw in the metaphysical world of my dreams
In that world you held me your arms.
It seems cruel that I never felt that warm in life.
It is even crueler that in real life we only coexist as friends
When I long to be more...
                     So so much more.
But it seems, for now
All I can do is dream
Of You.
As the time flies by we become aware
Aware of accomplishments
Aware of mistakes
Ours and Others
And for high schoolers
We become aware of the future
Of the money we could have in the future
And of the money we do not have now.
Esp. money for college
We then go and hide in a corner to sob…
        and sob…
    and sob.

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