Sunday, June 14, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- Three Poems

Survival Instincts
I came to you with a kiss
and left only with the sword
you placed into my side

Your lips were always red
but now bloody, too
after your touch upon my neck

If this is your idea of evolution
then I guess I just don’t get it
because it has left me only bruised

Et tu
It feels like my nerves
are being slashed
with an electric whip

Hobbling around
like an old decrepit man

After all the damage
that I’ve done to this body
I’m just thankful
it’s still in as good of condition as it is
but every few months
my back tightens up
as if Brutus
just stuck his knife in
all the way to the hilt

It’s a lazy overcast afternoon
which provides the perfect opportunity
to rest and hopefully heal

Maybe I can use the pain
to reach a state of consciousness
that leads to Nirvana

A few deep breaths
A few Hail Marys

There is no physical pain
This world is an illusion

Yea, just keep repeating the mantra
until enlightenment arrives
or it’s time to take the next dose of medicine

Collapsing Organs
Kidneys crashing, solid as a rock,
spoiled with the raw night

Liver floating, bloated as a whale,
sinking to the bottom

Heart slashed, bloody red wide open,
no longer able to function

Mind frayed, twisted in a knot,
unravelling without a purpose

Lungs gasping, crying for a breath,
sinking in, collapsing, gone

Scott Thomas Outlar spends the hours dancing with the waves of the Tao River while laughing at and/or weeping over life's existential nature. Links to his poetry, essays and fiction can be found at

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