Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


pathways not taken,
fire the mind,
imagining this life,
or that,
past decisions,
again and again,
a happy life,
a freak mistake,
or built one day at a time,
decision after decision,
pathways not taken,
fire the mind.


a modern day Vietnam,
divides the country between left and right,
cops again,
to be hunted down,
and killed on sight,
the sixties revisited,
a chasm remains,
between blacks and whites,
protests and riots,
Detroit and L.A. remembered,
fires again,
light the nights,
Putin screams,
but without a shoe,
"we will surly bury you",
starting first with Ukraine,
new initials to learn,
replacing LSD,
and DDT,
equal rights for sexuality,
this generation's anthem,
the christian culture quickly spurned,
how many kids you killed today,
hey Obama,
how many laws you break today,
insecurity and uncertainty,
families disintegrate,
obamacare replaces medicare,
the government creates a brand new bait,
history replayed,
but maybe,
just the names,
the only change,
all else has sadly remained the same.


mistrust is in the air,
between the government,
and the governed,
oozing between,
business and the consumer,
seeping between,
the cop and the citizen,
the president and congress foul the air,
races of men,
see only one side,
health insurance,
each issue,
like a children's book,
questions and solutions presented,
as black and white,
no shades of gray,
positions and attitudes,
ultimate the distrust,
unsafe and unwelcome,
if the views not the same,
while the mistrust grows,
polluting the planet.

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