Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- A Poem

Tired Chasm
is the poison-tipped dagger
placed squarely in your back
while embracing the one you love

is the last gasp of breath
escaping from the cancerous lungs
of a father you’ll never see again

is a hauntingly painful memory
that suddenly surfaces in your mind
ten years down the road of life

is the vast black entropy
of existential pain
that laces into the thoughts of a young child
before he’s even had the chance
to consider what this existence truly is

is a poignant song
with dead earnest lyrics
that tear a heart to shreds

is an empty bed
with cold sheets and pillows
while the sweet smell of almost
still lingers in the atmosphere

is a head down on the school desk
begging to go unnoticed
in a room full of fellow students

is the word you almost spoke
when the opportunity was right there
but couldn’t quite spit out
from the tip of your choking tongue

is the last layer of dirt
as it is shoveled upon the grave
of the person you vowed
till death do us part

is the decision that must be made alone
when all you really desire is a comforting voice
to add a little clarity to the situation

is a dark gray cloud
ominously storming down with acid rain
when all you want is one breath of fresh air
to help you stay sober another day

is a walk through the park
on a bright Sunday afternoon
in the heart of Spring
while watching all the happy families frolicking

is the empty barren field
where you once played as a child
with friends you haven’t seen in ages

is a stinging truth
in the midnight hour
as you pray to the sky for a final sign

Scott Thomas Outlar has been out to the edge...and liked it a little too much. Now he dreams about the center while seeking stable ground. Links to his published work can be found at 17numa.wordpress.com.

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