Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jonathan Butcher- Two Poems

The Chief

That influence, first triggered by the words scrawled on
the side of the late night garage. Under drunken assumptions
my clumsy translations didn't help your cause but only added 
to your legend that lasted about as long as my interest.

Your final vision blossomed and sliced through the usual
arbitrators of mundane nothingness like a verbal blade slicing
poison Ivy that had over stayed its welcome.Their voices now
as blank as the empty bars they inhabited each evening.

Your wisdom passed down, dictating the £2 cider bottles and
low quality acid tabs. Those mundane streets we carved to
form our own meaning now took shape, becoming as all
consuming as intended but without the expected effort.

And from your hands those vivid colours emitted from spray
cans and pens, each finished article carried our first vital
summers. They have now however faded and smudged into
one shade of unfortunate brown, under which you're now enslaved.

The Other Side

Dawn in this city is never crowded, but the remnants
of gangs and couples litter this tiny park. I awake upon
both the grass and concrete, slowly merging into this
morning like leaking oil into grit filled rain puddles.

Those buildings and shops that never scrape skies yet
stand with the same pride as twenty years ago. They stand
sandwiched between the rubble filled abandoned car parks,
and the pubs that never seem to open when required.

No wall here is too grey, the paint work as alive as this
lit street at midnight, never stained by the smog and bile.
The shadows cast here are almost translucent and out of
focus, the pavements never claim foot prints; no soles ever

The blank eyes that now pass at this time never make contact,
and retain any secrets held, repudiating any reprehensible  
myth making as the first bus of the day hisses slowly past
and once again leaves behind that inhalable cloud of dust .

Jonathan Butcher has been published in various print and online publications
including: The Belleville Park Pages, Popshot Magazine, Elbow Room, Dead Beats,
Electric Windmill Press, Underground Voices and others. He has forthcoming work
appearing in Ink,Sweat and Tears,The Transnational Magazine and The Eunoia Review. 

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