Friday, June 5, 2015

Ramona Thompson- Two Poems

I Am Venom

Don't take a chance
Don't play
With a dangerous woman tonight
Scorned my love
Ripped apart my heart
Turned love to hate
Now it's too late
I've turned bitter
Fangs starting to show

I can no longer control
Wild temper ragin'
High heels stompin'
Suitcase draggin'
Leavin' you and all those lipstick memories behind
Why did you have to go and do it?
Why did you have to cheat?
Release the snake lady?

Shedding my old skin of romance
I become the viper
Hungry for you
Vengence shimmering
In my cold blood
My tail is whiplash
Ready to strike
Heartbroken bitch
Gonna swallow you
Whole tonight
And not in the way
My lover likes

Cause I am what you made me
Fury storm
Hell bent
You son of a bitch
Feel my pain
Taste my juices
Like you've never tasted them before
Slow and deadly
Flowing through your veins
I am venom

2015 Ramona Thompson

Shake Snake Shake

Get back
I ain't scared
Not anymore
Grown my own new skin
Come out of hiding
Feeling brand new mean
Bully, bully
How does it feel?
Now that the tables have turned

Bad ass?
More like lame ass
Never could back it up
Not even one threat
You're so vein
Bet you think this poem is....
Oh wait...
It is!
Ha ha
All about what a true loser
Low down snake in the grass
You really are

Think you got it all?
You got nothing
Crawling through life
It's all you've ever done
All you're ever gonna do
No more baiting me
I'm switching around
We play
By my rules now

Oh yes
You can throw a fit
Hiss all you want
I'm the new one in charge
So just you slitter on outta here
Bastard king of the mountain
Oh how the mighty have fallen
Makes me laugh so hard
To see you
To feel you
Shake snake shake
And know
There's not a thing
Not a damn thing
You can do about it

2015 Ramona Thompson

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her past credits include Howl, Dead Snakes, Calvary Cross, Blood Moon Rising, This Ain't No Rodeo and many more.

Readers/fans may reach her on facebook or through her e-mail

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