Thursday, June 25, 2015

Douglas Polk- Two Poems


climate change a religious matter,
according to the Vatican,
the truth might be,
Pope Francis,
a hypocrite,
thinking gas and oil,
replaced by sun and wind,
an answer,
maybe the climate of the planet failing,
under the weight of seven billion souls,
a belief in God,
a philosophical question,
believe or not,
the Deity lessened,
when mankind prioritizes and plans,
seven billion souls,
 moral or not,
is the caliphate part of the Deity's plan,
killing and controlling,
until the climate of the planet,
no longer threatened,
by seven billion souls.

The Hope

another shooting,
and once again,
the president ill-informed,
believing what he wants to believe,
is true,
along with a media,
in the throes of a blood lust,
always hoping and wishing for more,
spread the hate,
spread the vile,
while the victims' families forgive,
and look to love,
they the only ones,
truly trying to stop the violence.

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