Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

no reason for your unkindness 
i am not a damsel in distress
can defend myself
nothing justifies
being cruel unless perhaps you
were being devoured by
a dragon,
but then i wonder 
what company you must keep
for all the dragons i've met
were good;
perhaps you deserved to be slain
for your wickedness—
i observed it once when 
you tore my pretty little red heart into
ribbons that you used to tear into
my ego,
and you held such glee when you pulled
my strings;
well, gepetto, you've handed me
scissors so i cut the strings
refuse to be your
anymore because i have my own hopes and
dreams calling to me.

i was wrong 
you cannot force my hand
mother said you
want to be friends again
simply because i've forgiven you
doesn't mean i want you in
my life again,
and i refuse to let you back in;
this door is closed for
a reason—
even evil dragons have shown me more
kindness than you have,
and so i will leave you out of the
story of my life
because you don't fit here;
my novel is one you wouldn't recognize
i was always taught not to judge
on appearances:
you always looked kind—
how very 
wrong i was.

stop chasing me
you are
mercury in retrograde
always looking
for an ego to dent in
negativity and confusion 
in your wake,
and i'm tired of the dragons
that follow you
chasing after me;
you were all the  darkest days
of my life
i am so glad they are over
our song is not the 
and you don't deserve to sing
my name on your lips
so don't;
i prefer the silence—
you are not the person that i need
to comfort me
i am the flames and the ocean waves
wild and you only ever tried to
cage me and tame my 
but i am mean to shine bright;
so i fare thee well
you never understood me,
and i'm done trying to be nice
to someone i cannot
stand being around
i loathe your negativity and the way you
always tried to drown me in the canoe
of your broken dreams;
you were never brave enough to be you
don't judge me for being me
it's who i was meant to

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