Saturday, June 6, 2015

Noel Negele- A Poem


These curves they have
seem to control the laws of nature
stall death for longer
make danger an element of elevation

the hair and the eyes
and those red red lips
like cherry beds of pleasure
and those tiny feet
and those tiny hands
held by tiny wrists and tiny arms
and the breasts with the nipples
making you believe in something higher
cause there's not much else as good in the world

they created alcohol to compensate for the misery
and drugs 
they created them to install variety 
in our boredom
and they created love out of spite
of the ugly

but when they created women
the circles were perfectly shaped
and the infinite leaned closer to see better
and the stars switched off humbled
and the devil finally felt remorse
and the men
ugly and beautiful
successful and not
were standing in line
to see
something created
that actually
made sense.

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