Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Joan Colby- Two Poems


The bells of hell ring a black
Angelus like Lucifer on batwings
Or in vampire regalia driving a sledge
Pulled by werewolves into the
Carpathian universe where the undying
Wring their hands and throw cloaks
Of feathers over the suitable goat
Waiting to be shriven.

They upend the litany
Of mercy. Ringing the changes
Of the Beatitudes, so that the poor
In spirit gnash their teeth like
Rottweilers and the peacemakers
Perform a ritual of  extraordinary
Rendition. Mourners learn grief is
Everlasting as the burning
Of the book of knowledge. And the
Seraphim unhook their fleecy pinions.

Rubber gloves and acids
To dissolve and scrape
The leavings of dinners caked
On the black cavern where
Roasts and steaks crusted in
Bloody juices. The wire grids
Corroded with drippings.
Broiler pan dark with old
Flame. Scrub to erase the
Shame of all this evidence:
Satisfied hungers reduced to ash.

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  1. What powerful imagery and language! These are amazing poems from an outstanding poet.