Saturday, June 13, 2015

Emily Ramser- A Poem

Louisiana Rest Stop, 3 A.M.

Your eyebrows are the forests
of fantasy novels lit by the faint blue
glow of the radio.
Your eyelids are hills
in which I imagine
hobbits could live without fear of Smaug, orcs, or goblins.
If you were awake I would tell you
that you are more beautiful than any elf.
I would read to you Tolkien
till you dreamt of riding barrels down the river
and I would tell you that you are more enrapturing than words will ever be.

Bio: Emily Ramser just published her first full poetry collection I Forgot How to Write When They Diagnosed Me this past January.

Her next chapbook, Conjuring Her, is set to be released later this summer through Weasel Press. You can find more of her work at her blog, www.chickadee