Thursday, June 25, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems


to live is to be wounded,
but you sent heaven
on fire with your
you are so strong and i have
always admired that about you along
with your kindness and love
you are light in the darkness
an ever present force
in my life
reminding me even on the darkest days
there is always a sliver of light
of hope
if one only remembers to


i saw
some lilies today
your favorite
color: yellow;
they reminded me of you
vibrant and happy,
cheerful and kind
yet very beautiful
without having to utter a word—
you always were a
good listener and a great friend, too,
thank you
for everything you have shown me;
you've reminded me so many
times to keep chasing my dreams and that the
light of hope always shines should
we choose to believe.


when i think of yellow
it always reminds
me of you,
and it makes me smile;
i never used to like yellow but it
has become one of my
because it is vibrant and it is kind
full of love and light and hope
just like you—
you always nurtured my need to dream
always let my imagination
take the wings
of faeries and dragons
which helped me get through my darkest days
thank you for letting me be me
being proud of who i was
not judging me for everything
i wasn't.

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