Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gene McCormick- A Poem

Dancing In The Dark
Working the mean streets through
the big town’s inner-city…
Heavy sky all day, the sun stays down,
there is no moon.
Running the length of the city block
lit only by an occasional streetlight,
a chain link wall creates a meaningless divide
between street people and tenement dwellers.
A large dog barks on the tenement side
standing near a trash bin and burned-out car.
Window shades are pulled to the sill;
graffiti marks walls, alley, the dumpster.
Along the other side of the fence,
the sidewalk is slathered with black ice
and snow slush covering broken bottle glass.
Concave pockets in the fence mark where the
hapless are slammed against chain links, mugged.
A fire hydrant tilts at a twenty degree angle.
No sun, no moon, no matter.
Sometimes footsteps can be heard, sometimes not.


  1. Terrific poem--takes you right there.

    1. Thanks, Joan. We all learn much from your writing.


  2. Once again, excellent work from the master.