Friday, June 5, 2015

Sarah Lynn Kapileo- Three Poems


I act too much
Trying to be perfect
But I am nothing as such
Only imperfect
I never understood
I never got the gist
What did I do?
What did I miss?
From the beginning
I planned accordingly
Only to find myself losing
To my imperfections pathetically


Ghosts of the past hunt me at night
Telling me secrets, whispering 'sleep tight'
Their cries never-ending 'til daylight
If I had the courage and might
I would call a preacher and fight
The evil forces that hunt me at night


Definition of friendship:
A group of randomness
Definition of relationship:
A couple of months in clueless-ness
Definition of motherhood:
Years of headaches
Definition of fatherhood:
Years of heartaches
That is the definition of this reality
What do you think of my mentality?

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