Sunday, June 5, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Soviet Precedent

governments lie,
the examples endless,
Iran contra,
weapons of mass destruction,
the nuclear deal with Iran,
Obama cites his brilliance in governance,
touting numbers,
and job rates,
collected by the government,
the data controlled,
by the bureaucrats in power,
this only a repeat performance,
Stalin did it first,
lying about his five year plans,
success easy,
when the information controlled,
by the government.
The Trouble Begins

Hillary blasting the Donald's honesty,
a hypocrite to be sure,
the lies not the problem,
they can be forgiven,
everyone human,
who to cast the first stone,
the cover ups are the concern,
when the people thought to be too ignorant,
to understand the lies,
and the past,
that is when the trouble begins.
A Typical Liberal

the world Obama sees,
only black and brown,
skin color dominates,
and defines,
unseen the damage done,
to the poor,
and the middle class whites,
the actually people,
who have made this nation great,
their service and sacrifices ignored,
white Christians,
only hypocrites in Obama's eyes,
a man raised by this white mother,
and grandmother,
away from the realities of the black experience,
a typical liberal,
ignorant of the world,
of the black and brown,
half white,
and wrong almost all the time.

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