Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ananya S. Guha- A Poem

Wars of Silence

I command histrionics
of a sort invoking elements, fire, sky
and nature. Histrionics of forgetting, 
not forgiving. Ballot papers in the eye 
of voters. Political stance of unbecoming
not being. Shallow histrionics of bullets and 
bruises. I command histrionics, water and fire 
play together, in dalliance the ethereal.
Bomb their guts out fire play of the devil.
Histrionics in the acting out in life.
Not on plastic stages, where people only resemble.
Archetypes of disenchanting reality.
My histrionics is word, speech, gesture  volatile 
crackers at play. Living. Crackling. 
Dumbfounded we listen to wars of silence. Histrionics 
of death, living, murdering and media reporting. 
Live long the strongest, the weak have no options but 
to wipe them off their feet. 

Wars of silence, continue

Ananya S Guha
Shillong, INDIA.

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