Monday, November 4, 2013

Tom Hatch- A Poem

Paper Curtains

I put newspaper curtains
On the windows in the east
The sun is too bright experienced from 
Past mornings fisting rays a
Larger world of light
Begins as the fall is calling
Home the leaves of summer
A reflection on the wall
Through the headlines
Insects go dormant 
Frost clings to the purple
Shade the opposite 
Of the orange sun
I am up alone reading
The printed word in reverse
Forcing the sunlight back
At the sun
reading the
Funny papers to the sun it cannot
Stop for a chuckle
As every man wants
The sun to do hoping 
For an answer of purpose
This far along in life 
A man is built and destroyed
And built again the headlines 
Change breathing
Forcing the water rinsed
Down the drain to the
Sea from which we came
Seeing her on the shore
Examining ocean shells 
Telling her of me waving 
Past the breakers
The yellow light of 
Many dinners with
Our son has passed
With no answer yet
For me or him or us or
Anyone bowing our
Heads for what we
Have then a chuckle from 
The sun as it leaves the day
From the west windows 
It was very brief without a word
At all

Tom lives in CT with a few farms up and down the road works in Manhattan. His train ride to and from NYC is his solace, study and den where it all begins and ends. And thinks steering the rear end of a hook and ladder with his bare feet could be a great hobby. 


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