Saturday, November 16, 2013

Douglas Polk- A Poem


I saw you,
you were there when Hitler rose to power,
smirking at the old Jewish lady wailing in the street,
now you sit sneering at the old man with a tea party pin on his sleeve,
you, the spineless, gutless elite,
convinced you and your pals the only ones who know best,
the communal good,
a blanket,
covering the dead and the dying,
aborted babies from Philadelphia to Los Angeles,
death and destruction in Libya too,
when a moment demanded courage,
you pissed down your leg,
and didn't know what to do,
let them die,
your cover story created,
tell the nation, 
approve the lies,
yes, I am sure,
you were there when Hitler rose,
spineless cowards,
you never die,
it is impossible,
without a soul.

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