Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christopher Kenneth Hanson- 3 Poems

" A Contingency Of Sorrow"

My gesture sings replete;----
Shall we now crow in stark circumference?
In deep blue cantos, we as prophetic,
Sung in the devious mid-day sun
I, as hunted for thy prism-
I, as demon hawk elegy
Of the stoic cohorts-
This unwelcome consortium
This somber casket;
A dapper coffin of despair-
Sung into a grainy pea green fog now
As myriad rain paints the still of your tongue
As still drops wilt the back of my somber throat.

“Of Bedside Manner”

In shade,
Said noon crept through
Blood red curtain.
Now, crisp yellow light ensnares
The worn oak panel-
And dust lined cabinets:
were stained dark green.
Sounds of autumn wind
parade through the sky
And hounds still barking-
echo from chained cellar doors:
A black bird could perch and
survey the scene-
Ducking its head through:
multiple planes
In dim light,
I want to wither here alone-
Inside pale linens.
As candle wax lay,
soft scent of magnolia.
by the by-
 I will refuse to note
an alternate time.

"The Day Watchers And The Week End"
                                                       {for little Jeanie et al.}

Said sun came quick on Saturday;
As for blue skies--- definite.
And reigning daffodils
carry certain quips sought
for boundaries unmet, namely.

These day watchers, with big watery
eyes peer the sky line mesmerized-
hooked off the gleaming arcs;
of the congealed orange/red marked lines--
as an egg sun would crack over these white yolk clouds.

Moon left quick on Sunday
 as for the deep pallid skies---a gale
Of lingering----pulped ruby roses wept
for boundaries, not shared.

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